Why should I use your company?

We get paid on results, if we do not succeed in restructuring your debt we do not get paid.We do not bill by the hour we get paid to succeed.

Why should I hire you as opposed to another debt settlement company?

All settlement negotitions will be handled directly by Robert Schoenberg. He will not farm out the work to someone else and you will have his exclusive attention. Robert has over 30 years experience as Chief Financial Officer with a concentration on working with companies who are in financial distress. Another advantage, of using our company is that we do not require you to put money in an escrow account and you will pay the creditor directly. We do not touch your money.

Who  approves the settlement offer?

You the client approve the settlement offer. If you are not happy with the settlement you are under no obligation to take the deal.

When will I have to make my first payment to the creditor?

Typically, once our client signs up with us it takes a least a minimum of a month to negotiate a settlement.  Once we reach a settlement agreement the first payment is usually due 10 days after signing. We have negotiated payment plans with terms as long as 84 months. It is important to note that when we negotiate a settlement the more money you pay upfront the larger reduction you will receive. Many clients would prefer to have lower monthly payments as opposed to coming up with a large lump sum. Each settlement is customized to account for our clients wishes. You are never under an obligation to sign a deal you do not want to.

How much do I pay for your services?

We get paid based on either a percentage of the savings or a percentage of the payment plan. Our fee structure is customized on a deal by deal basis and we do our best to accommodate our clients’ needs. We will send you a retainer agreement prior to hiring us which will explain in black and white how we work